Stephen E. Dubner is a highly accomplished and respected attorney.  In 2019 and 2020, the Texas Center for the Judiciary invited Mr. Dubner to provide continuing education for judges around the State of Texas.

Guardianship Update – 2020

On December 10, 2020, the Fort Worth Court of Appeals in the Guardianship of N.P, reversed the decision of the Tarrant County Probate Court Number 2 not to grant a full guardianship.  In this case N.P. parents filed for guardianship in order to protect their daughter.  The trial granted a limited guardianship.  The parents believed the a full guardianship was necessary.  The Court of Appeals agreed with the parents and found the trial court abused its discretion.  This case stands for the proposition that even though an incapacitated person can express their opinions, it does not mean they do not need a full guardianship.  Rather, the question is whether they can understand the consequences of significant decisions that will impact their life.  The case also analyzes the evidentiary standards in an otherwise uncontested case.  To read the decision, click here:

Guardianship Update – 2018

On June 14, 2018, the Fort Worth Court of Appeals In the Guardianship of A.E. reversed the decision of the Tarrant County Probate Court 2 not to grant a guardianship.  In order to protect their daughter after age 18, the parents filed for guardianship of their daughter.  Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the parents were denied a guardianship of their disabled daughter. Stephen E. Dubner filed an appeal.  The Court of Appeals found that the trial court abused its discretion in denying the guardianship.  This is the first case to analyze the 2015 changes to the Estates Code.  To read the opinion, click here:

As an expert in school law, Stephen E. Dubner is often interviewed by the media.  On February 15, 2017, NBC Dallas interviewed Mr. Dubner.  To see the interview, click HERE

On January 25, 2017, a formal discrimination complaint against the Texas Education Agency regarding the A-F Accountability Rating System was filed with the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, on behalf of several school districts.  To view a copy of the complaint, please click HERE

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Stephen E. Dubner fights aggressively for our clients’ best interests, while always looking for the most amicable, efficient resolutions to conflicts.

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At the Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner, we represent clients in many different legal practice areas, including:

  • School law: For more than 20 years, Stephen Dubner has represented Texas school districts regarding employment, student issues, contract, construction, and constitutional law issues.
  • Guardianship law: We represent clients for elder guardianships as well as guardianships for minors who are turning into adults. We can also represent your interests in guardianship litigation if you are part of a disputed guardianship situation.
  • Divorce and family law: We handle all types of divorce and family issues, with an emphasis on finding efficient and amicable solutions through mediation and collaborative law. We also have extensive trial experience, so we are equipped and prepared to represent your interests aggressively in divorce litigation, as well.
  • Probate law: We can help you establish a simple will and other estate planning documents, help you understand the process of estate administration, and represent you in a will contest.

Stephen Dubner is a lawyer and businessman who makes it a point to communicate well with all of the clients he works with. He returns calls promptly and always keeps our clients updated on the status of their cases. As a former pilot, he exhibits all the attributes that make for a good pilot: calm under pressure, thoroughness and attention to detail. You can count on attorney Dubner to give you good legal advice to help you resolve your legal issues.

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If you are in need of assistance with estate planning, estate administration or will contests Stephen Dubner is here to help. We also represent executors, trustees, beneficiaries, excluded heirs or the estate in contested matters.

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