As a general rule, parents have the inherent right to raise their children in whatever way they see fit as parents. This is a bedrock principle in our country. However, there are some cases in which the parents are woefully unfit, and the best interests of the children involve a grandparent, sibling or non-family member taking over the parental role.

A Lawyer Committed to Looking Out for the Best Interests of the Children

At the Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner, we understand that this is a difficult situation for everyone involved. We have helped non-parents gain custody for the best interests of the children. Flower Mound, Texas, custody lawyer Stephen E. Dubner provides steady, wise counsel for these times that can be so emotional and difficult for the parents, the children and everyone else involved.

Reasons for Sibling, Non-Family or Grandparent Custody

Some of the reasons for non-parent custody include:

  • Financial issues: Sometimes the parents are simply unable to provide for their children financially, and our clients want to take custody or adopt so that the kids get the best possible life.
  • Alcohol, drugs and other parenting problems: In some cases, there are serious problems that limit the parents’ ability to raise their children. In these cases, it is common for grandparents or siblings to want to have responsibility over the kids, to give them the best chance possible at a better life.
  • Stepparent issues: In many cases, a spouse gets remarried after a divorce and the child forms a strong bond with the new stepparent. We can help with stepparent adoptions and the corresponding custody issues.

In some cases, parents will agree to give custody to a grandparent, other relative or close family friend. In these cases, it is not necessary to work out the solution in divorce litigation before the court; we might be able to work through an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method like mediation or collaborative law.

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