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When a Will is Contested

When someone dies leaving a will, an executor is responsible for paying off the decedent’s debts and then using the wealth remaining from the estate to distribute the inheritance to the beneficiaries. In many cases, the process is not as smooth as it should be, and the will is contested.

If you are in a will contest, contact us. Denton County will contest lawyer Stephen E. Dubner has experience representing clients in will contests over issues that include:

  • Lack of capacity: A legally valid will requires that the person issuing the will is of sound mind. If someone is incapacitated — unable to understand the meaning of one’s actions — the will is thereby invalidated.
  • Undue influence: If someone is coercing or otherwise exhibiting undue influence on the testator, it means that the will does not accurately reflect the testator’s intentions, thereby invalidating the will.
  • Mistake on the part of the executor: Sometimes a disgruntled potential beneficiary will claim that the problem was not with the will but with the estate administration. He or she could claim that the executor committed fraud, self-dealing or some other breach of fiduciary duty.

At the Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner, we represent potential beneficiaries, estate administrators and executors, and debtors in will contest litigation.

Avoid Will Contests | Plan Ahead

For the vast majority of people, the best way to handle a will contest is to avoid it completely through quality professional estate planning, including a will, trusts, powers of attorney and a health care directive. Attorney Stephen E. Dubner can help make sure that your estate plan is in order.

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