In recent years, more and more divorcing couples are looking at ways to take more control over the proceedings. It doesn’t seem fair or appropriate to many people that a judge should be sitting there making final and binding decisions about their lives after a divorce. It is possible to avoid the courtroom almost completely through mediation.

At the Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner, we help clients find more amicable options and solutions for their divorce-related issues through mediation. Flower Mound, Texas, mediation lawyer Stephen E. Dubner has the experience and skill to represent your interests in a mediation, or serve as a mediator — the neutral party facilitating the mediation process.

About Mediation — Take Control of Your Divorce Proceedings

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method for resolving conflicts, similar to collaborative family law. It allows the parties to work out their issues in a way that is more:

  • Efficient: It is generally quicker and a lot more inexpensive than the traditional divorce litigation.
  • Liberating: Rather than have a judge make final determinations about your life after a divorce, you can retain greater control of the process as well as the outcomes.
  • Amicable: Mediation helps divorcing couples avoid the need to fight out every issue in a contentious courtroom battle and work out solutions outside of the courtroom.
  • Private: Rather than air your laundry in court, where everyone can hear your divorce litigation details, mediation allows you to work out the issues behind closed doors. This is especially important if children are involved, as child custody and visitation issues can be terribly traumatic to children who have to witness their parents fighting it out in court.

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