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As we age, generally we lose some of the abilities that we had when we were younger. Some people begin losing the ability to take care of themselves or handle their own financial affairs as they get older.

If you have a loved one — a parent, grandparent or other elderly loved one — who is losing capacity in this way, elder guardianship lawyer Stephen B. Dubner can help. At the Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner, we have experience with guardianships for seniors and other adult loved ones. We handle each client’s situation with personal attention. From our Lewsville office, we represent clients throughout Denton County and the entire DFW Metroplex.

Protecting Your Elderly Loved One: The Seriousness of Guardianships A guardianship is not to be entered into lightly. Because the process involves declaring an elderly person incapacitated, a guardianship results in severe limitations on the rights of an elderly person (called a “ward” in the guardianship context). A ward is effectively unable to make his or her own decisions about where to live, medical care, finances and many other things.

People seek guardianships for their elderly loved ones when they are:

  • No longer able to provide for their own care, food or shelter
  • No longer able to manage their own finances
  • In a potentially abusive situation
  • Being financially exploited

Usually it is sons, daughters, other close relatives or close personal friends of elderly people who call with concerns about the elderly person’s inability to care for himself or herself or the possibility of abuse or exploitation.

Experience Working With Elder Guardianships

Attorney Stephen E. Dubner is experienced with elder guardianships, and he is gifted at working with the elderly. He understands the unique dignity of the elderly, and he understands the seriousness of a guardianship. If appropriate, he can help you establish a guardianship to protect the rights of your elderly loved one.

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