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Annexations in Texas occur when one territory is detached from one school district and annexed to another bordering one. This can be and often is initiated by petition from registered voters residing in the territory. A petition can also be started by “surface owners” of a territory that does not actually have any residents. It is important to note that none of the affected districts are allowed to initiate this process on their own without cause or the help of governing bodies.

The school detachment and annexation process is highly technical and complex in terms of the requirements the petition must meet and the procedures that must be followed. Each affected district is always required to conduct a hearing to determine how the proposed change would affect current and future students. The districts should consider the impact this change will have on the economic, social and educational well-being of students who will be affected.

Annexation and Detachment Hearing Proceedings

After these hearings, each board should issue its findings for governing bodies and affected residents to review and proceed to attempt to adopt a resolution that either approves or disapproves the petition. All of the affected districts must approve the petition in order for the annexation and detachment change to go through. If none of the districts approve, the issue is closed and detachment and annexation cannot move forward. If one or more districts approve the petition and one or more districts disapprove it, then the matter can be appealed to the Commissioner of Education. The commissioner will hear the matter de novo, which means he or she will hear the entire matter from the beginning.

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