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Common law marriage is a marriage recognized by law in Texas even though the couple never actually went through a wedding or justice of the peace ceremony to have their marriage officially recognized as such. Usually, a common law marriage is established by the couple living together as husband and wife for a certain amount of time and holding themselves out as being married during that time.

When a couple is dissolving the relationship without an official marriage certificate, one of the first steps is to have it officially determined whether the union was or was not, in fact, a common law marriage. At the Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner, we have represented clients who wanted the marriage to be recognized and also clients who did not.

We will take the time in the beginning of your case to listen and understand your goals and wishes for your case, and we will work diligently to help you reach those goals. Stephen E. Dubner is an experienced Flower Mound common law attorney.

Common Law Marriage Dissolution Issues in Texas

We can help resolve the issues involved with a long-term relationship dissolving after a couple has been together for many years:

  • Comingled accounts or one party has made a lot of money
  • Shared business interests
  • Child support Child custody and visitation
  • Relocation after the dissolution

The Importance of Establishing a Common Law Marriage in a Community Property State

In most states, property is distributed in a divorce in the most equitable way that the court can find. Texas is community property state, which means that all property that is considered “marital property” is divided as close to 50-50 as possible.

If the court determines that the relationship was indeed a marriage, each party will get half of all the marital property in the divorce. This makes the marriage determination a crucial component in these cases.

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