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In many marriages, one of the spouses earns the vast majority of the money, and the other spouse shoulders the household and child-rearing responsibilities. When couples in this situation get divorced, it becomes a challenge to make sure each couple is supported in a way that is fair. Especially when the stay-at-home spouses give up their own career opportunities to raise kids and take care of the home, spousal maintenance and support issues come to the forefront in divorce litigation.

Divorce Lawyer Helping To Achieve Support for Spouses in Texas

Flower Mound spousal support attorney Stephen E. Dubner has experience with divorce issues including spousal support and maintenance. The Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner represents client in the DFW Metroplex and throughout Denton County.

For many clients who want to avoid the acrimonious courtroom battle, we help resolve spousal support and maintenance issues through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like collaborative family law or mediation. Alternatively, Stephen Dubner has the skill and experience as a lawyer to represent you well in divorce litigation as well, if that is what your case calls for.

Types of Support Available for a Divorcing Spouse

There are a few types of spousal support (often called “alimony”) available to spouses:

  • Temporary spousal support: This is support for a spouse during the divorce proceedings.
  • Ongoing spousal support/maintenance: This is financial support for a spouse that is intended to be short-term after the divorce is finalized.
  • Child support: This is a separate category from spousal support, but it is financial support for the costs associated with assuming custodial care of the children.

None of these types of support are automatic, and they are all based on different factors. Attorney Stephen Dubner can help you determine whether you might be able to receive any of these forms of financial support, and he can help you fight for the money you need in a divorce.

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