Whatever your reasons for splitting up, the new arrangement will have a big impact on your kids. The most devoted and well-intentioned parents sometimes lose sight of their child’s needs in the legal maneuvering and emotional upheaval of divorce and custody proceedings.

At the Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner, we consider child custody and visitation through the best interests of the child and help parents envision a solution through that same prism. Although the courts use the same standard, a judge’s opinion of what’s best for your child is no substitute for an arrangement that you and the other parent develop together. You are the ones who will have to live by the agreement for years to come!

Contact our Lewisville office at 214-257-8818 to arrange a consultation. Stephen Dubner is a lawyer with focused experience in family law. He represents divorcing or never-married parents in Denton County, Texas, and the DFW area in determination of child custody and crafting of workable parenting schedules.

The court usually issues temporary orders for custody and child support before a final determination. It is critical to have legal representation in this early stage, even if you are not seeking primary custody.

Child Custody and Visitation — A Focus on Your Child’s Best Interests

Typically, one of the parents will have primary conservatorship (custody or possession) and the other will have access (visitation). You both share decision-making about your child’s schooling, healthcare and religious upbringing.

The courts do not favor mothers over fathers, only the interests of the child. You may want a more even split in parenting time, such as alternating weeks or three days/four days. That arrangement requires that the parents live close to each other, have good communications and similar parenting styles.

If custody is contested — The court will appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the child’s interests and order a home study and psychological evaluation of each parent. Mr. Dubner will work to persuade the court that you are more fit to provide day-to-day care and that you will foster cooperation and support a healthy relationship between your child and your ex.

If you agree on custody — We can focus on creating a schedule that works. One avenue is collaborative law. Mr. Dubner strives to create a parenting plan that is well-defined yet reasonably flexible, and specifically addresses hot-button scenarios such as exchange times, family events, holidays and vacation.

Stephen Dubner also represents parents in child custody modifications, including parent relocation, petitions for sole custody and SAPCR proceedings to grant custody to a grandparent or foster parent.

Contact a knowledgeable and caring attorney who will protect your interests while focusing on the “big picture” of co-parenting realities and the needs of the child. We offer a free initial consultation, including evening and weekends, and we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.