Collaborative family law is a formal process that creates the conditions for a fair and lasting out-of-court agreement. It is especially effective for resolving child custody issues, but works well for property division and all aspects of divorce.

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Collaborative Family Law

Litigation has winners and losers. Even negotiation is a chess game. In collaborative divorce, the goal is fairness, full disclosure and cooperation. Everything is on the table, and the focus is on what’s most important to each spouse to reach an agreement. Sessions commonly include a financial planner and a communication coach to cover all the bases and keep the dialog open.

Collaborative law is preferable to litigation in almost every way:

  • There is much less animosity, during and after.
  • It’s less stressful on the children.
  • It’s far less expensive.
  • You control the timetable.
  • You control the outcome.

The Collaborative Approach — An Agreement to Work It Out

The piece that makes collaborative family law effective is that the spouses and attorneys sign an agreement not to litigate. Each side is represented by a lawyer trained in collaboration. If either spouse pulls out, that attorney cannot represent the client in contested proceedings.

Our role is to help clients develop their interests and the best interests of their children, and to keep the process moving toward a workable resolution. When child custody is involved, Mr. Dubner emphasizes the ongoing relationship as co-parents. In property division, he is adept at suggesting trade-offs that allow each spouse to get what they want most.

Stephen Dubner has practiced in divorce law since 2001, and invites you to explore collaborative family law. If both of you are committed to the process, it works. Arrange a free consultation, including evenings or weekends by appointment.