Complex Property Division

The Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner offers sophisticated analysis and creative solutions to the division of marital property and debts. Our lawyer has extensive experience in complex property division under Texas equitable distribution law.

Attorney Stephen Dubner represents men and women in divorce in Denton County and the DFW Metroplex. Practicing since 2001, he has represented high earners, professionals and business owners, as well as stay-at-home or self-employed spouses with substantial divorce assets at stake. Arrange a consultation at our office in Lewisville, Texas.

Complex Property Division: Make Sure You Get Your Share of the Marital Estate The anxieties of divorce are heightened if you worry that you will not get a fair shake in the splitting of marital assets. Mr. Dubner works hard to assure that property is correctly identified as jointly or separately owned, that everything is on the table, and that assets are accurately valued.

Once those issues are resolved, we can guide you in the give-and-take to produce a fair solution for:

  • Retirement funds (pension, 401(k), IRA, deferred compensation)
  • The marital home and furnishings
  • Other real estate (second homes, timeshares, rental properties)
  • Interest in a closely held business
  • Professional license/professional practice
  • Vehicles and valuables
  • Bank accounts, stocks and investments
  • Credit card debts, mortgage balance and other obligations

The size and value of the marital pot can be hotly disputed. The Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner hires experts when necessary to trace hidden assets and substantiate business valuation and the worth of retirement portfolios and other complex assets.

Solid Legal Counsel and Creative Solutions

Stephen Dubner is also an effective trial lawyer who will assert your interests in contested proceedings, but complex property division does not necessarily mean litigation. Collaborative divorce is one alternative — a formal agreement to stay out of court and reach an agreement.

Mr. Dubner is adept at suggesting trade-offs that each of you can live with. If one party wants to remain in the home, for instance, the other party may be compensated for the home equity with a larger share of retirement assets, through monthly payments or by promissory notes against the property if it is later sold.

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