Estate Administration – Probate Litigation

Probate can be simple and inexpensive, or it can be complicated and hotly contested. In either scenario, the Law Office of Stephen E. Dubner offers effective legal advocacy.

If you have been appointed as the executor of a loved one’s estate, we can guide you step by step through the process to complete the duties as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. If there is a dispute about the validity of the will or the executor’s handling of the estate, Stephen Dubner is a sharp trial lawyer who can protect your interests.

Our law firm handles probate administration and litigation in Denton County and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We serve estate representatives named in the will or appointed by the court, including nonresidents who want local assistance in settling a Texas estate. Call 214-257-8818 or 214-257-8818 for a free consultation.

Probate Administration

Many courts require that an attorney to file the legal documents in estate administration. Mr. Dubner can serve executors in an advisory role, or he can handle all the details. Probate administration is not necessarily complex, but it can involve a number of time-consuming tasks, including:

  • Court appointment as executor
  • Opening the estate
  • Gathering assets
  • Paying creditors and liquidating assets
  • Asset distribution to heirs
  • Filing tax returns and accountings
  • Trust administration

If the person died without a will, the dependent administration is more complicated. We can help our client get appointed as the administrator and assist with distributing assets according to the Texas laws of intestacy.

Probate Litigation

We also represent executors, trustees, beneficiaries, excluded heirs or the estate in contested matters such as:

  • Will contests — Disputes alleging conversion, fraud or undue influence, or asserting that the deceased lacked the “sound mind and body” to draft or modify a will
  • Breach of fiduciary duty — Proceedings to recover misappropriated funds or assets, or to remove an executor who has mismanaged the estate administration

If you are charged with probate duties, Stephen Dubner will explain exactly what you need to do to settle the estate with the minimum time, expense and stress. Contact our Lewisville office for a free initial consultation, including evenings and weekends by appointment.

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